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Walking Sticks For Seniors
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Our product is based on ISO 11334-1 "Technical requirements and test methods for one-arm operation of walkers Part 1: Elbow crutch" national standard as a reference standard for design and production, Q/DF4-2015 "Walking aids" As the implementation standard of design and production, this enterprise standard has passed ISO13485 medical device quality and safety system certification and ISO9001 quality system certification, and its structural characteristics are as follows: Main frame:The upper branch adopts aluminum alloy tube, the surface is bright and the surface is treated, and the pipe material specification: diameter 22 mm, wall thickness 1.2 mm; Legs:The lower branch adopts steel pipe, the surface is brightly treated, and the pipe material specification: diameter 19 mm, wall thickness 1.2 mm; Foot pads:Single foot landing structure, with rubber anti-slip foot pad, good landing performance, good stability, safe and reliable. Performance:Height 10 gear adjustment, suitable for the elderly to use, the inward stability of the product is not less than 1.5 degrees, outward stability is not less than 4.0 degrees. Who uses it:Those with strong upper limb support ability, mild dysfunction or poor balance ability of the lower limb, and poor physical strength. Function:Through the support of the hand, the patient is helped to stand and walk. Precautions for use:Adjust the telescopic bar to the appropriate position according to the height of the patient and use it after fixing. When measuring in the standing position, the height of the "big rotor" is the length of the cane and the position of the handle. Manufacturers:Foshan Dongfang Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd



Walking Canes

Walking Sticks For Seniors



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