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  • Lightweight Expedition Aluminum Transport Chair
  • Reclining Manual Aluminum Wheelchair

    Reclining Manual Aluminum Wheelchair

    1. Foldable structure, good safety performance, and the surface is with color spraying 2. The movable flip-type link armrest is adopted, which is convenient for installation. 4. The movable and detachable leg rest is adopted, the angle between the artificial leather leg rest surface and the seat cushion surface can be adjusted, and the position lock can be adjusted at each angle.

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  • Lightweight Wheelchair

    Lightweight Wheelchair

    Frame:The frame is composed of aluminum alloy welding; Rear wheel:The front wheel is a 6" rubber solid wheel; The rear wheel is a 12〞 PU plastic wheel; Seat:The seat is made of child safety seat, the surface is wrapped in high-grade breathable fabric, comfortable and safe; The seat is equipped with a seat belt with a sponge pad on the shoulder and abdomen above the seat belt to maintain its comfort when used for a long time; Seat adjustment:The seat frame is supported by a sliding adjustment lever, and the angle and height of the seat can be changed by adjusting the length of the slider, and the angle adjustment range of seat and backrest is about 95 to 180 °; Push frame:Push frame is removable, foldable, angle adjustable; Brake:Steel foot pedal brakes, easy to use, safe; Pillow:Pillow detachable, adjustable height, angle can be adjusted 360 °, front and rear adjustable; Armrest:The handrails are removable, and the spacing of the handrails is adjustable, which is convenient for getting up and down; Foot rest:Foot pedal height, angle can be adjusted, foot pedal angle adjustment range of 90 ~ 180 °; Safety belt:Comes with a butterfly-shaped seat belt.

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  • Aluminium Wheelchairs

    Aluminium Wheelchairs

    Frame:Aluminum alloy , pipe diameter 25mm, wall thickness 2.5mm, the use of removable and retractable handrail, foldable structure, good safety performance, surface painting treatment, beautiful and durable. Front wheel:Front wheel diameter 150mm (6") plastic wheels with high quality rubber solid tires; Equipped with high-strength aluminum alloy front forks. Rear wheel:16 inch inflatable rear wheel with high strength plastic wheels; Brake:Equipped with cassette aluminum alloy brakes; Seat cushion:The seat width is 460mm, and the material is Oxford cloth; The middle needs to have a canvas sandwich layer of more than 300d, the seams are firm and neat, and there are no defects such as folds, jumpers and damage; The configuration seat is attached to a one-piece additional sponge pad. Armrest:Movable roll-back armrest; Equipped with high-quality PU with curved armrest pads; The height of the armrests is adjustable. Skid plate:Plastic skid plate; Foot rests:The foot support is rotatable, detachable and easy to operate inside and out, with adjustable height and calf straps; Adjustable foot pedal angle.

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