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Lightweight Wheelchair
  • FS958LBPYF8
Frame:The frame is composed of aluminum alloy welding; Rear wheel:The front wheel is a 6" rubber solid wheel; The rear wheel is a 12〞 PU plastic wheel; Seat:The seat is made of child safety seat, the surface is wrapped in high-grade breathable fabric, comfortable and safe; The seat is equipped with a seat belt with a sponge pad on the shoulder and abdomen above the seat belt to maintain its comfort when used for a long time; Seat adjustment:The seat frame is supported by a sliding adjustment lever, and the angle and height of the seat can be changed by adjusting the length of the slider, and the angle adjustment range of seat and backrest is about 95 to 180 °; Push frame:Push frame is removable, foldable, angle adjustable; Brake:Steel foot pedal brakes, easy to use, safe; Pillow:Pillow detachable, adjustable height, angle can be adjusted 360 °, front and rear adjustable; Armrest:The handrails are removable, and the spacing of the handrails is adjustable, which is convenient for getting up and down; Foot rest:Foot pedal height, angle can be adjusted, foot pedal angle adjustment range of 90 ~ 180 °; Safety belt:Comes with a butterfly-shaped seat belt.

●Aluminum pediatric wheelchair

●Tiltable seat

●Adjustable seat size and seat height

●Reclining back

●Height adjustable footrest and adjustable headrest .

●Pu wheels

●Movable armrest

●Push handle

●Optional accessories: food table

Lightweight Wheelchair Price

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