• Reclining Manual Wheelchair
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Reclining Manual Wheelchair
  • FS902GC
1. Foldable structure, good safety performance, and the surface is with color spraying 2. Seat Cushion: artificial leather cover, which contains a combined sewing structure of canvas inner cover of more than 300d, and has high tensile strength. 3. The movable flip-type link armrest is adopted, which is convenient for installation. 4. The high backrest can be adjusted backward to 160º~170º with the seat cushion surface, and the adjustment position of each angle is locked and reliable. 5. The movable and detachable leg rest is adopted, the angle between the artificial leather leg rest surface and the seat cushion surface can be adjusted, and the position lock can be adjusted at each angle. 6.8-inch (200mm) solid rubber wheel, 24-inch (590mm) rubber solid wheel, configured as 36-wire steel ring, with hand wheel (hand direct drive wheelchair).

Powder Coating Steel Frame, Reclining High Back, Flip Up Armrest,

Elevating Footrest, Solid Castor, Solid Rear Wheel.

Optional Accessories: Neck Cushion

Reclining Manual Wheelchair

Enigma Steel Wheelchair

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