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Guardian Walking Frame
  • FS9122L-A
1.Designed for safety and convenience, this rolling walker features push-button mechanisms that may be operated by fingers, palms, or even the side of the hand 2.Quality Construction: Constructed from sturdy aluminum, this walker offers maximum strength while remaining lightweight 3.A vinyl contoured hand grip, and newly designed rear glide caps that allow the walker to slide smoothly over most surfaces 4.Safe & Easy Operation: Each side of our medical walker operates independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces and offer greater stability while standing superior comfort.

High-strength aluminum alloy is used as the main material, the diameter of the tube is 22mm, the thickness is 1.2mm, and the surface is oxidized and matte; , non-slip and durable.

1. The height can be adjusted in 5 gears, suitable for people from 1.0m to 1.5m;

2. The four-wheel landing structure has good stability; the front wheel has a brake, which is convenient for parking; the rear wheel is designed to prevent falling down in one direction, with reliable safety performance.

3. With backrest pads, waist pads, pants and seat belts, the user enters the car, effectively reducing the user's stress, making it easier to stand up straight and protect the user.

4. The product can be folded, which is convenient for storage and transportation and saves space.

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