• Walking stick For Walking Support

    Walking stick For Walking Support

    Our company's products are ISO11334-1 "single-arm operation of the walker requirements and test methods Part 1: elbow crutch" national standard as a reference standard for design and production, Q/DF4-2009 "walking aids" this enterprise standard as the implementation standard of design and production, its structural characteristics are as follows: 1.Main frame: the upper and lower limbs are made of aluminum alloy, the upper limb pipe material diameter is 22mm, the thickness is 1.2mm, the lower limb pipe material diameter is 19mm, the thickness is 1.2mm, and the surface is brightly treated; 2.Handlebar: "Choose TPR handlebar, beautiful and comfortable; 3. Foot: single foot landing, according to customer requirements, with different styles of all-round foot pads, good landing performance, good stability, height ten gear adjustment, turning foot can be universal rotation.

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