• Wheelchair Steel Heavy Duty

Wheelchair Steel Heavy Duty

Model FS951B-56

1.Powder coating steel frame, seat width 56/61 cm super-wide
2.Front wheel diameter 200 mm (8 inches) plastic wheels with high quality solid tires
3.Rear wheel diameter 620 mm (24 inches) plastic pneumatic wheel rear wheel, with hand wheel (used when the hand directly drives the hand wheel);
4.The fabric is covered with oxford nylon cloth, with a canvas interlayer of more than 300d in the middle, the seam is firm and neat, and there are no defects such as wrinkles, jumpers and damage;
5.The use of movable upturned handrails is convenient for getting on and off the wheelchair;
6.Removable footrest, footrest adjustable in height.

Wheelchair Steel Heavy Duty

●Powder coating steel frame

●Detachable footrest

●22" seat width

●Rubber foam castor

●Flip-up armrest

●Pneumatic mag rear wheel

Harbor Freight Wheelchair Carriers

Project Description


Static stability uphill


Static stability downhill


Static stability Sideways


Braking downhill on 8° slope


Tacking characteristics


minimum turning radius


minimum turnaround width


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