• Lightweight Aluminum Wheelchair

Lightweight Aluminum Wheelchair

Model FS205LHQ

1.6-inch PVC integrated wheel; 24-inch air wheel; configured with 36-wire aluminum ring;
2.The seat cushion is a soft seat cushion, the material is high strength, good air permeability, the middle interlayer is canvas larger than 400d
3.The armrest can be turned back; the inclined armrest structure is convenient to approach the workbench and the dining table; the high-quality lengthened PU armrest pads are adjustable in height; the armrest pads are welded off the central axis, which is convenient for working and dining close to the desktop.
4.The footrest can be rotated inside and outside for quick release; the height and angle of the foot pedal can be adjusted.
5.The height is adjustable, with a footrest structure, which is convenient for nursing staff to push the wheelchair up and down the steps.

Lightweight Aluminum Wheelchair

●Aluminum chair frame

●Quick release pneumatic rear wheel

●Detachable footrest


●Solid castor

●Angle-adjustable footplate

●Locking drum brake

●Flip-up and height adjustable inclined armrest

Cheap Lightweight Wheelchair

Project Description


Static stability uphill


Static stability downhill


Static stability Sideways


Braking downhill on 8° slope


Tacking characteristics


minimum turning radius


minimum turnaround width


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