• Custom Lightweight Wheelchair

Custom Lightweight Wheelchair

Model FS207LABP

1. Ergonomically designed, high-strength aluminum alloy material is selected, the pipe diameter is 22mm, the wall thickness is 2.0mm, and the high-load-bearing aluminum alloy double-support frame structure has good safety performance
2.Folding back function is convenient for storage and transportation. The surface of the frame adopts metal baking paint process, and the whole vehicle can be folded.
3.The wheelchair has an adjustable rear wheel position function, which can adjust the center of gravity of the wheelchair according to needs, making it more suitable for users to ride;

Custom Lightweight Wheelchair

Aluminum Chair Frame, Flip-up Inclined Armrest, Detachable

Footrest, Solid Castor, Pu Mag Rear Wheel,drop Back Handle.

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