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  • Ultralight Aluminum Pediatric Wheelchair

    Ultralight Aluminum Pediatric Wheelchair

    1. Foldable aluminum alloy frame, which is convenient for transportation and storage. 2. Adjustable pedals: The wheelchair is equipped with pedals, the height of which can be adjusted, the pedals are made of soft plastic material, and the pedals are foldable. 3. Seat angle adjustment: the seat frame and the backrest frame are supported by sliding adjustment rods, the angle of the seat or the backrest can be changed by adjusting the length of the sliding rods, and the adjustment range of the seat cushion and the ground is about 0-30°; The backrest angle adjustment range is about 95-150°. 4. Seat: The seat is a car child safety seat. The material of the seat bracket is non-toxic, non-polluting plastic, non-allergenic, safe, high strength and light weight; the surface is wrapped by high-grade breathable cloth, which is comfortable and safe.

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