• Walking Frame With Wheels

    Walking Frame With Wheels

    1.High-strength steel pipe is used as the main material, the diameter of the pipe is 25.4mm, the thickness is 1.4mm, and the surface is anodized bronze, with high-quality PU soft seat cushion and foam back tube, 2.the front wheel is made of high-quality PVC universal 5 inch wheels, the rear wheels are high-quality PVC 5 inch double-row wheels, with high friction coefficient, non-slip and durable. 3.Handrail: Lightweight steel pipe, diameter of the pipe is 22mm, the thickness is 2mm, the surface is painted black, and it is equipped with high-quality PVC grip, which is comfortable to handle. 4.Good stability; the height of the push handle can be adjusted to suit different groups of people; the product can be folded as a whole, and the armrest and backrest can be removed, saving space and facilitating storage and transportation.

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  • Standing Rollator

    Standing Rollator

    1.High-strength aluminum alloy, the surface is oxidized; 2.High-quality 6-inch casters (with brakes on the rear) have good grounding performance, good stability and high surface friction coefficient. 3.PCV grip is adopted, which is ergonomic, comfortable to the touch, and has good anti-skid performance; and has a parking device with self-locking function. 4.Seat cushion: Made of high-quality wood, leather and sea surface, soft texture, comfortable and durable, with metal storage basket. 5.Pedals: With movable plastic pedals; the pedals can be flipped up and down for easy pedaling and folding. The foot pedal is 8cm above the ground, 6.Fordable structure, good safety performance, light weight, small footprint, beautiful and durable, easy to use, store and transport.

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