• Fashionable Walking Stick

    Fashionable Walking Stick

    Our company's product FS is 938LISO11334-1 "single-arm operation of the walker requirements and test methods Part 1: elbow crutch" national standard as the reference standard for design and production, Q/DF4-2004 "walking aids" This enterprise standard as the implementation standard for design and production, its structural characteristics are as follows: Principal:Material aluminum alloy, tube diameter is not less than, wall thickness is not less than, the surface 22mm1.2mmof bronze oxidation treatment. Credit:High-density foam handle pads are non-slip and comfortable. Large curved shank structure, good shock absorption and cushioning effect. Tripod:Height adjustable, suitable for ~ crowd use;1.60m1.80m Foot pads:The material is elastic, wear-resistant, high surface friction coefficient of anti-slip rubber material, suitable for diameter 13mmpipe;

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