• Orthopedic Cane

    Orthopedic Cane

    1.Easy to adjust hegiht with one bottom 2.Assist your parents and grandparents with this easy to use, reliable walking cane. Perfect for seniors, elderly and injured persons 3.WALKING STICK improves mobility by evenly distributing weight while building strength and confidence 4.Suitable for: People with strong unilateral upper limb support, unilateral lower limb dysfunction, and unstable use of a single cane (such as hemiplegia patients). 5.Function description: Landing on three feet increases the support surface, improves the stability, and assists the patient to walk.

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  • Walking cane with four feet

    Walking cane with four feet

    Our product FS9411L is based on GB/T 19545 4-2008 "Single-arm operation of the walker requirements and test methods Part 4: three-legged or multi-legged cane" national standard as the design and production of the implementation standard, its structural characteristics are as follows: Upper limbs: the use of lightweight aluminum alloy pipe material, pipe diameter of 22mm, thickness of 1.2mm, surface oxidation bronze treatment; with high-quality high-density foam grip, comfortable feel, beautiful and durable. Lower limbs: light aluminum alloy tube material, pipe diameter of 25mm, thickness of 1.2mm, surface spray powder black treatment. Base frame: high-strength aluminum alloy pipe material, pipe diameter of 19mm, thickness of 1.5mm, surface spray powder black treatment; with high-quality rubber mats, good landing performance, good stability, high surface friction coefficient, anti-slip durable. Performance: four-legged stable landing structure, safe and reliable; Height 9 gear adjustment, adapt to 1.55m-1.75m crowd use.

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