• Walking With One Crutch

    Walking With One Crutch

    Our company's product FS937L is ISO11334-1 "single-arm operation of the liner requirements and test methods part 1: elbow crutch" national standard as a reference standard for design and production, Q/DF4-2004 "walking aids" this enterprise standard as the design and production of the implementation standard, its structural characteristics are as follows: Main frame:Using lightweight aluminum alloy as the main material, tube material specifications: diameter 22 mm, wall thickness 1.2 mm; Elbow handle:Ergonomically designed with high-strength engineering plastic materials molded and compacted, it is comfortable and durable. Pins:The use of single foot landing structure, with rubber anti-slip foot pads, good landing performance, good stability. Performance:Height adjustable, suitable for 1. 50m to 1.85m people use; The inward stability of the elbow crutch is not less than 1.5 degrees, and the outward stability energy is not less than 4.0 degrees.

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