• Basketball Lightweight Wheelchair

    Basketball Lightweight Wheelchair

    1.Superior comfort. 2.Aluminum frame with good safety performance, 3.Wheels with high-quality tires ensure shock absorption and durability.、 4.Enjoy a cozier experience as you roll around in this wheelchair.

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  • White Lightweight Wheelchair

    White Lightweight Wheelchair

    Frame: Aluminum alloy , the frame adopts one-piece molding design, less welding, and the overall structure is clear; Aluminum tube uses large-section elliptical flat tube, with better safety performance and more stylish appearance; The surface is oxidized with silver mist, which is beautiful and durable. Front wheel:7 inch plastic wheels with high quality solid rubber tires; Rear wheel:22-inch steel wire wheel with PU tire plastic armrest, using rear wheel front overall safer and lighter; Brake:Equipped with cast iron brakes, rear handles with brakes, safe and reliable; Seat cushion:The fabric is made of high-quality high-strength checkered cloth, and the pad core is made of high-quality high-resilience sponge; The seat cushion adopts adjustable shrinkage design to avoid insufficient tension of the seat cushion caused by long-term use, and the Velcro bond is easy to use; Skid plate:Plastic skid plate;

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  • A Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

    A Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

    1.High-strength aluminum alloy material, pipe diameter Ø22mm, thickness 2mm; The surface is anodized or painted; Fixed armrests, foot rests, backrests can be folded back, the whole vehicle can be folded; 2.6 inch plastic wheels with high quality solid rubber tires; Front fork integrated die-casting molding; 3.20 inch inflatable wheels, configured with aluminum rings, with aluminum alloy handwheels (used when the hand directly drives the wheelchair). The outer and inner tubes can be combined with the rim to inflate the tire to 110% of the recommended inflation pressure for 5 minutes, and the outer tire can be completely wrapped on the rim 4.Equipped with aluminum alloy stationary brakes, with rear handle linkage self-locking device, convenient for nursing personnel to operate. 5.The fabric is made of high-quality high-strength Oxford cloth, which contains a combination of canvas inner sleeves and sewing structures, with high tensile strength; 6.Fixed handrails with PU armrest pads; 7.High-strength engineering plastic skid plate is selected. 8.Configurable height adjustable;

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