• Folding Steel Wheel chair

    Folding Steel Wheel chair

    1.Frame: steel pipe, good safety performance, chrome plating on the surface. 2.The down-bending design at the front of the seat effectively reduces the compression and improves the comfort of the ride! 3.Front wheel:7 inch PU integrated wheel with metal fork; 4.Rear wheel:24 inch wheels with pneumatic tires with high strength metal handrim 5.Brake:Metal manual stop with safety cover; 6.Seat cushion:Oxford nylon cloth cover 7.Armrest:The use of fixed armrests with PVC armrest pads, comfortable and durable; 8.Foot pedals:Aluminum alloy foot pedals with adjustable height.

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  • Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair

    Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair

    1.Superior comfort. 2.Aluminum frame with good safety performance, 3.Wheels with high-quality tires ensure shock absorption and durability.、 4.Features lightweight foot plates and padded armrests with comfortable upholstered seat and seat back. 5.Enjoy a cozier experience as you roll around in this wheelchair.

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  • Aluminum Chair with Elevating Footrest

    Aluminum Chair with Elevating Footrest

    1.Foldable structure, with good safety performance. The surface of the frame is chrome-plated, which is beautiful and durable. 2.Front wheel with high-quality solid tires; Rear wheel diameter 620 mm (24 inches) pneumatic wheel with hand wheel (used when hand directly drives the hand wheel); 3.The fabric is made of nylon, seams are firm and neat, and there are no defects such as wrinkles, jumpers and damage; 5.The movable and disassembled handrail is adopted, which is easy to disassemble; 6.Detachable foot rest, foot pedal height adjustable;

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  • Modern Lightweight Wheelchairs

    Modern Lightweight Wheelchairs

    The wheelchair is lightweight and compact when folded, making it easy to carry and store. With wheelchair self-locking function, it is convenient for nursing staff to operate.

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