• Manual Tilt Wheelchair

    Manual Tilt Wheelchair

    Frame:Steel spray , beautiful and durable Front wheel:Front wheel diameter200 mm plastic wheel hub with TPR tires; Rear wheel:Rear wheel diameter300 mm Plastic inflatable rear wheel. Brake: steel manual stop brake, rear handle with brake; Seat cushion:High back seat using artificial leather cover, containing high elastic sponge, the backrest angle is adjustable, can be adjusted back to160º ~ 170º with the cushion surface, easy and reliable adjustment, comfortable to use. Armrest:The use of movable disassembly type armrests, easy to disassemble; Skid plate:Hardboard skid plate, artificial leather cover, containing high elastic sponge; Foot rests:The movable disassembly type foot rest is adopted, and the angle between the leg direction and the cushion surface can be adjusted, and the angle adjustment position is locked reliably. The foot pedal height is adjustable. Handle:The height of the handle is adjustable.

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  • Lightweight Manual Pediatric Wheelchair

    Lightweight Manual Pediatric Wheelchair

    1.Superior comfort. 2.Aluminum frame oxidized with good safety performance, 3.Wheels with high-quality tires ensure shock absorption and durability.、 4.Features lightweight foot plates and padded armrests with comfortable upholstered seat and seat back. 5.Enjoy a cozier experience as you roll around in this wheelchair.

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  • Custom Lightweight Wheelchair

    Custom Lightweight Wheelchair

    1. Ergonomically designed, high-strength aluminum alloy material is selected, the pipe diameter is 22mm, the wall thickness is 2.0mm, and the high-load-bearing aluminum alloy double-support frame structure has good safety performance 2.Folding back function is convenient for storage and transportation. The surface of the frame adopts metal baking paint process, and the whole vehicle can be folded. 3.The wheelchair has an adjustable rear wheel position function, which can adjust the center of gravity of the wheelchair according to needs, making it more suitable for users to ride;

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